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exam of family 2  first term of first friends2  with one readers book

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The effect of a variety of colors to beautify the facades of buildings in urban areas.


Color and architectural features of the building are very important factors in the formation of the apparent of city .  Color in architecture and urbanism has a special place. Today, in many cities of the proper use of color as a symbol of the bond between man and the environment. the easiest and most effective factor is used in the vitality. Warm and cold colors can create tension or calm the demonstrators with humility make weight in space. Unfortunately, today's cities suffer greatly in color space. And the cheerful colors of cities is low. In this article we have tried to present a variety of colors and  Check The effect of paints on beautification of the city . The research library is used for the field.

Keywords: beautify the city, color, building, Saqqez city.

Improve the quality of urban pavement in order to enhance walkability. Sidewalks are an important part of urban space. Basically an intermediate space urban street pavement and body with a gap and sometimes is determined with a different flooring. Today, with the increase in urban population and traffic, there is more attention to the sidewalks and trails and passes. based on small size of the sidewalks, and rigid pavements. And rigidity of furniture tend to be less pavement. The objectives of this research is important to the design of urban furnishing furniture on sidewalks. The objectives of this research is important to the design of urban furnishing  furniture and the number and placement of furniture on the sidewalks as public and people should be a gathering place. on the sidewalks and in a way which would provide citizens with welfare and convenient access.

And the number and location of furniture in the public areas and sidewalks as a public gathering place should be a safe space for rest stops provide users and enhance walkability.  It is collected for the library and the result of this review and quality urban spaces, sidewalks and component elements used to promote walkability in urban environment leads to many benefits in terms of environmental, social and economic .


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